I’m a photographer residing in Austin, Tx. I come from the Rio Grande Valley located in South Texas. I frequently traveled to Austin and the surrounding areas for music photography. I decided to move here in 2015 to further my music photography and be closer to opportunities to advance my career. For the last five years I’ve been capturing moments in music history from local artists achieving their dreams to legendary musicians continuing their passions. I never thought I would meet so many great people and witness unforgettable events. What do I find the most satisfying in what I do? When a person tells me how important the photo I took is to them and how much of an impact it has on their lives. Not only in music photography but my photography in general.
After the first few years of music photography, working hard to go on a tour or work exclusive with an artist. I found myself lacking progression and began learning portraiture. Practicing ideas,concepts, & theories as much as possible. Discovering that I had a natural talent of capturing a person’s essence and humanity. I continue to strive to take the best portraits possible, natural light or studio environments.
I grew up going to concerts every weekend. Music has been and will always be a part of my life. Live concerts are the most memorable experiences where you encounter unity among strangers. You discover a sense of belonging in the midst of countless music fans just like you. I know you have been a witness to what I am describing. That moment you catch yourself locking eyes with your favorite artist on stage. The speech given between songs that is familiar. The energy generated and amplifying through the love of music. All of that I aim to capture in my photography so at the end of the day, you relive it for years to come and if you weren’t there; that you feel like you were in the middle of it all. Yearning to go to the next concert or festival close to you with joy and excitement.